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floor repairs

Some floors may need major or minor repairs. Simple jobs include fixing any loose boards; removing old tacks and nails – and making sure any protruding nails are hammered flat.

When boards or blocks are damaged beyond repair, we will replace them with reclaimed timber - wheneverAstonishing Asthma Safe, Pet-Friendly Products, Clean Green Planet, Child-Safe Products in London possible of the same age and quality.

This can sometimes be a challenge. An office block in London had 1930s parquet floors - with an area of 40 sq

feet missing. We were unable to find the matching blocks within the capital so had to search further afield.

We eventually found the right blocks from a mews demolition in Nottingham. But at three inches deep - they were twice the required size!

So we cut them in half, laid them and finished off with hard wax oil. The company’s staff now enjoy their new environment: modern glass-partitioned offices complemented by period parquet floors.


Floor Sanding & Finishing services by ( from) professionalists in citysandinggap filling

A gap-filled floor is even and pleasing to the eye - but not always necessary. Filling gaps helps prevent timber movement by tightening the floor. It also prevents draughts – particularly on the ground floor - and stops the build-up of dust between the gaps.  

There are two traditional methods:

*  resin - mostly used on parquet and mosaic floors with lots of fine gaps. Dust from the floor Eco Friendly Procedures is mixed with a resin and applied to the gaps with a filling knife.

* wooden strips - solid fillets of reclaimed pine and other timbers are glued, forced into the gaps, and chiselled back before sanding flat.




Gap filling & Finishing services provided by trained experts in citysandingstaining

The wood grain of a freshly sanded floor can be enhanced by clear staining. Alternatively, a colour The Guild of Master Craftsmenured stain will provide a completely new colour. This is a quick and affordable way of matching a floor to your interior décor.

Coloured lacquers are available but tend to provide uneven colour. The floor will also lose its colour as the sealant wears away.

We always recommend separate stages for staining and the application of sealant. The colour is easier to control and the durability of the sealant will be enhanced.  

The floor may also be painted - or a coloured wax will provide a soft tinting effect on the visible wood grain. Lime wax is good for floors with dull washed colours.

Wood stains are traditionally solvent or oil-based. The modern water-based stains are now equal to these in performance. They have the additional virtue of complete safety. Being odour-free makes them suitable for use throughout the home and environments where food is prepared and served. They come in a wide range of colours from traditional wood to contemporary pigmenting: eg white, red, blue or even pink!


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These are the most durable of all sealants - their hardwearing finish is suitable for floors subject to mid or heavy traffic. Maintenance is also very easy: just sweep and mop with a damp cloth. Avoid abrasives and revolving vacuum cleaner brushes: they can trap grit and scratch the floor’s surface.Why use us

Modern lacquers no longer produce the ‘plastic’ look of old. Their silky sheen comes in a matt, satin or high gloss finish. Water-based lacquers are completely safe and odour-free – and suitable for use on any floors.

Polyurethane lacquer is the most resistant to wear but can restrict breathability and discolour the floor beneath. For a floor with lighter usage, a good choice is a polyurethane/ acrylic floor. This will not yellow or darken the wood in any way.



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hard wax oil

Increasingly popular, this is a completely safe and natural floor finish. It offers a good balance between the natural look of natural oil and the durability of lacquer. Like natural oil, it brings out the inherent colour in the timber and emphasises the natural grain.  

It is micro-porous and does not crack, flake, peel or blister. It is suitable for high humidity areas, as it is more resilient to drying out than natural oil.

An example of this was a house in Twickenham whose parquet floors lay over an underground river. The blocks adhered well but were always damp. After sanding, we applied a water-based lacquer – which went white and came off  after three days.  

So we applied three coats of Osmo hard wax oil. The floor is now dry and a beautiful asset. The owners are more than pleased, as it saved them the possible expense of replacing the whole floor.



Real samples of floor sanding projects in citysandingnatural oil

For the traditional look of a wooden floor, choose oil. It has good water-repellent characteristics as well as abrasion and scuff resistance.


Although natural oil can dry out in humid conditions, the surface is easily maintained. Apply more coats to top-up the finish and cover minor damage.








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