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Wooden floors are features of beauty and utility - and a valuable asset. Restoring them can be a sound investment that adds value to your property.

Such a feature deserves the best treatment. We care about wooden floors and want your restored floors to provide long and lasting service. We will give you the latest information on sanding techniques and finishing products. With a bewildering variety of stains and sealants on the market, you will need expert guidance in choosing the right finish for your particulAstonishing Asthma Safe, Pet-Friendly Products, Clean Green Planet, Child-Safe Products in Londonar floor.

We only recommend the highest quality products during restoration. These dry to an even finish, last longer and offer the best value in the longer term. Many are only available to members of the trade – and are not available in retail outlets.



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A level sQuality - led workurface is essential for the even adhesion of stains and sealants. Bumps can cause dull or dirty patches. We ensure a smooth level surface as our sanders go right up to the edge of the floor and under the skirting board. We also use hand tools where necessary to deal with awkward and tricky areas beyond the reach of the machines.

Sanding removes all traces of old unwanted sealants - even the ugly ‘Victorian’ black bitumen. Old concrete fire hearths are

Sanding removes all traces of old unwanted sealants - even the ugly ‘Victorian’ black bitumen. Old concrete fire hearths are no obstacle either:

we remove them completely and replace with fresh boards or blocks.

And we go to great lengths to make sure that any repairs match the original. With our extensive national network of suppliers, we can source reclaimed materials and track down the appropriate boards or blocks.  


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As specialists for over twenty years in floor sanding and wooden floor restoration, we keep abreast of new developments and products.   EcoFriendly Procedures

All our workers are fully qualified to the industry standard - as members of the National Wood Floor Association (NWFA). 

We remain on hand to advise you on all aspects of your floor’s aftercare. Feel free to contact us with any queries about maintenance - to ensure your new floor will do its job for years to come.